The Golden 然ax is getting a new and improved tone change, starting with serial number: 190900. The manual will have "Rev 2.0" on the front. All Golden 然ax detectors that are currently being shipped have this change.

Some Customers had difficulties separating the tones, so we separated them further. By changing the pitches, we have made it easier to identify all 4 tones clearly, making it easier to identify targets.

The order of the has also changed...with lower tones to identify potential trash, and higher tones reflecting valuable targets like silver and nickels. See the chart below.

New Tones, Conductivity Range
Ferrous/Iron/Foil Low
Nickel Medium High
Pull Tab/Zinc Penny Medium Low
Silver High

Old Tones, Conductivity Range
Ferrous/Iron/Foil Low
Nickel Medium Low
Pull Tab/Zinc Penny Medium High
Silver High

The notch-width control must be adjusted while air testing a nickel with the discriminate control turned completely down to "min". With the notch switch in eitherwide or narrow position, adjust the notch-width to obtain a good target sound on nickel. This will give you four target tones. If the notch-width is NOT set correctly, you will only hear three tones. This is the correct way to setup a Golden 然ax, regardless of whether it has the new or the older version.

If you have a NEW (still in the box) Golden 然ax detector, you can have the tones changed for $25.00. If your detector is USED, the tone change will cost $50.00.


The 然ax detector that you have been waiting for is here - The Golden 然ax. This is a detector that only Tesoro could build. Full size depth, sensitivity, Four Tone Audio ID and a user adjustable Notch Filter Discriminate all placed into the lightest detector housing on the market. At less than 2 pounds, the Golden 然ax lets you control what you want to find. Our adjustable notch window lets you, not the engineers, decide how to pick through the pull tabs to find the nickels and gold rings, while the ED 120 discrimination knocks out all of the nasty iron. The tone ID will also give you a great idea of what your target is. The Golden 然ax will help you define your targets and make better use of your detecting time.

  • MicroMAX Design
  • Low Noise Circuitry
  • 9x8 Coil
  • VLF 10 kHz Frequency
  • One Drop-in 9 volt Battery
  • Silent Search Discriminate Mode
  • No-Motion All Metal Mode
  • 4 Tone Audio ID
  • Positive Pole Locking System
  • Interchangeable Coils
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Built-in Mineral Rejection

Operating Frequency 10 kHz
Searchcoil Type Concentric
Searchcoil Size 9 x 8
Searchcoil Family Epsilon
Cable Length Approx. 3'
Audio Freq. All Metal VCO Approx. 260 to 420 Hz
Disc. 4 tones: 240 Hz, 315 Hz, 370 Hz, 500 Hz
Audio Output 2 " speaker and headphone jack
Headphone Compatibility ¼" stereo plug
Weight (may vary slightly) 2.2 lbs
Battery Requirement One 9 volt DC (alkaline)
Battery Life (typical) 10 to 20 hours
Optimum Temp. Range 30 to 100 F
Optimum Humidity 0 to 75% R.H.
Operating Modes Silent Search Discriminate
No Motion All Metal
Notch Norm
Notch Wide (Larger window)
Fast Auto Tune

Suggested Retail Price
Available only at your Tesoro Authorized Dealer

Tesoro Electronics, Inc. reserves the right to modify or improve the design without further notice.