TESORO Dealers

California "Gold Star" Dealers

Tesoro Authorized Dealers who have exceeded sales and service goals.

Citrus Heights

Big Valley Metal Detectors
(916) 225-9150
Website: www.bigvalleymetaldetectors.com
"Service first, last and always".



Game on Sports, Inc.
(760) 839-9363 Ext. 2051

Foster City

Trans Bay Metal Detectors
(650) 574-2012
Website: www.goldenstatemetaldetectors.com




California Authorized Dealers

Contact a Tesoro Authorized Distributor if a dealer is not available in your area.


Happy Camp

A Plus
(360) 216-5349
Email: turtlebowl2000@yahoo.com



Valley Detector Sales
(209) 577-5839
Website: www.valleydetectorsales.com


Santa Clara

A & S Company
(800) 301-6151
Email: sean3@pacbell.net


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