Tesoro and IPI

Tesoro Electronics, Inc. (Tesoro) and Innovative Products and Investments, Inc. (IPI) have been growing their professional relationship for ten years. In 2003, IPI Inc. was contracted as an authorized Tesoro distributor in Ukraine. In 2013, the two companies took their partnership to a new level; Tesoro authorized IPI as a packaging center for Ukraine. Under this new contract, IPI receives genuine Tesoro metal detector parts and assembles them at their center in Kiev, Ukraine. Tesoro supplies factory coils, printed circuit boards, and kits, then IPI completes the final assembly and boxing of the units. IPI follows Tesoro’s scrupulous quality standards and only uses Tesoro parts for their detectors.

Early in 2013, Aleksey and David Shkolnik of IPI Inc. visited the Tesoro factory in Prescott, Arizona to discuss the logistics of this new development in their partnership. While the visit was surely an enjoyable one, its primary purpose was to ensure the quality of craftsmanship in the Ukraine. Since its inception in 1980, Tesoro has taken pride in the quality and reliability of their metal detectors; if a machine has the name “Tesoro” on it, it had better live up to that standard. After the two companies met, it became clear that IPI was deserving of the authorization as a packaging center. The company’s technicians and owners are intelligent, skilled, and honorable businessmen.

Tesoro is proud to endorse IPI Inc. as an authorized packaging center in the Ukraine. While Tesoro offers a Lifetime Warranty, distributors sometimes offer a different warranty. In this instance, IPI Inc. has, as a Tesoro distributor, established their own two-year warranty on the metal detectors. Tesoro has also entrusted IPI to perform repairs at their facility.

Email: ipi@ipiusa.com      Website:www.tesoro-ukraina.com.ua

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