TESORO Catalog

To see the Current Catalog please click on image below.
For a hardcopy, please see your local dealer.
You may also email your request to Info@Tesoro.com,
Or call the Catalog request line at 1-800-528-3352.

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MDI 22 is currently out of print but you may view it HERE

The catalog is a large file. If you are concerned with a slow connection speed or data usage, you can view individual pages by clicking on the links below.
P.1 Compadre P.2 Silver µMax P.3 Outlaw 8”
P.4 Outlaw 3 Pack P.5 DeLeon P.6 Cortes
P.7 Epsilon Coils P.8 Delta Coils P.9 Cibola
P.10 Vaquero P.11 Tejon P.12 Lobo ST
P.13 Tiger Shark         P.14 Sand Shark
P.15 Personal Accessories P.16 Detector Accessories Part Number Explination Page

The Tesoro Catalog is an Adobe PDF File. You will need Adobe Reader to view it.

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