I would like to take a few moments to express the pleasure and joy I am now experiencing with my new Cortés. In just a few outings, I have recovered more than twenty dollars in change not including the coins that are still below Wisconsin's frost line. Though I have been detecting for more than 25 years, this is my first Tesoro and my first Target ID machine. I have at one time or another owned detectors from almost every other metal detector manufacturer, and I can honestly say that I have not been happier. The Target ID is right on the money, and the depth is better than I expected.

All my questions directed to the company have been promptly answered. I am overly impressed with Tesoro, and my only regret is that it took me so long to try one. Thanks for making a top-of-the-line detector, which is not only a lot of fun but is very easy to use as well!

I just bought my second metal detector, a Tesoro Silver µMax. Yesterday, I took it out for the first time. Wow! I didn’t pick up any trash. My wife and I went to a drought-stricken beach. The water table was down 8 feet, and boy, did we strike it. We found one 50¢ piece, $8.25 in quarters, $2.70 in dimes, $.65 in nickels and $.72 in pennies, a topaz ring with six small diamonds, 4 sterling silver bands, 1 silver bracelet, and numerous other earrings and medallions in just a matter of hours.

I don’t know how other treasure seekers do on their outings, but for the first time out with my new Silver µMax, I think my wife and I did fairly well as amateurs. The discrimination characteristics that this machine offers are unmatchable. Overall, for a turn-on-and-go machine, this unit can hunt with the big dogs. Thanks Tesoro!

I know the Lobo is a great nugget machine, but it's also a terrific coin and relic hunter. While relic hunting an old ranch site, I found my first silver dollar, an 1883 Morgan in good condition. The same hole produced an 1897 Barber half in very good condition. The Lobo covers the ground really well and discriminates the iron while still finding the elusive dollar gold coin.

At our club's annual spring hunt this year, my Tesoro Conquistador was praised for its lightness and pinpointing accuracy. An already light machine was made lighter with the addition of a little 4-inch coil. Of course, some of the other attendees also had smaller coils. But my tiny white one was smaller by an inch or so and turned out to be a greater asset, winning both in the prize category and total coin count. With this addition to the arsenal, you need no separate probe or pinpointer. It's right on the target every time.

For the first time at a hunt, I came away a big winner with well over one hundred dollars in prizes. In the first part, I won the Poker Hunt with the best hand. In the silver hunt, I found the most coins. In the gold hunt, I found the right token to win a $5 gold piece, and in the last hunt, I found a good quantity of jewelry (all silver).

So, if you really want to have the upper hand at a hunt, don't forget to bring a Tesoro and that little 4 inches.

I am sending this email to thank you for fixing my Tesoro Golden Sabre metal detector. It is great to see that after so many years you are still there and better yet that you honor your lifetime warranty in spite of the passage of time.

I would like you to know that a friend of mine, to whom I introduced to this fine hobby and who asked me to recommend a metal detector, will surely buy one of your fine machines for mostly relic hunting.

Finally, I would like to recommend anyone interested in buying a detector to choose a Tesoro. They are tough, lightweight, and the lifetime warranty can’t be beat.

I am writing to express my appreciation for the service that your company did on my Tesoro Stingray metal detector. I received it back in good shape and it worked perfectly. I would like to thank Rusty Henry, Service Manager, for the fine job he did on the repair. Again thanks for a job well done. I would recommend your detectors to anyone wanting a quality metal detector. I am 72 years of age and thoroughly enjoy metal detecting.

Again thanks for making such a fine instrument and backing it with a good warranty.

Down here in Georgia, people don’t share locations of Civil War campsites until they are considered hunted out.

In October of this year, some relic hunters leaked the location of a confederate campsite where a new school was to be constructed. The local hunters had hunted the site for several weeks and had it thoroughly hunted out, they thought.

The weather was hot and dry when we arrived at the site. I was armed with the Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ. There were already 10 other relic hunters at the site when we arrived. I decided to hunt the wooded area behind the excavated area. The ground was dry and highly mineralized, but it was no match for the Lobo SuperTRAQ. After hunting for about 30 minutes, I got a signal that sounded like a shotgun shell. After digging down about 5 inches, out popped a Confederate Cast I button worth about $125.00. No one else at the site found anything of value and of course they were using other brands of machines.

Thanks for a great machine.

Thank you for the recent great service on my Bandido. I sent it to you for a checkup and to have the battery leads fixed. Well, you did that and a lot more. You fixed the noise in the threshold, the battery leads, retuned the coil, and put a new pole tip on it. All at no charge! Not many companies would do that. This is one of the reasons I am such a Tesoro fan. Tesoro is second to none in my opinion.

In closing, I thank you very much for the care and expertise in restoring my Bandido to like-new condition.

I just wanted to say thanks. I had been reading about Tesoro for months, and now I am a proud owner. I have a new Eldorado; it is my second Tesoro. I gave my Cutlass to an old friend who wanted to give a grandson a metal detector for Christmas but could not afford one. I had been fortunate enough to save a little and why not help an old friend. So now I have my Eldorado. I am not one of those guys who claims to have found all the great stuff, but I have enjoyed my finds and anything I missed was my fault not the Tesoro. I love the factual info in your MDI and the way you tell the truth and not put down other companies. What you do have is a detector that does what the ads say—lightweight, fair priced, dependable. Who could ask for more? Once again, thanks.

My name is David Sorensen. I live In Helena MT. I have been metal detecting for about 8 years now. My first and still one of my favorite detectors is a Silver UMAX. Last year I purchased a Tesoro Tejon. It took a little getting use to the increased sensitivity but after some time on the machine I loved it. I have found several silver coins and wheat pennies with it, but in April 2015 I found something I never thought I would find in Montana, an 1840s belt buckle from a Mexican artillery man from the Mexican American war. I took the buckle to the museum to see if they wanted to display it; however, the acquisition committee decided that they had enough war relics from that period. They did research the buckle for me and gave me the history of the buckle. I was not really looking for relics and never expected to find anything like this. The museum thought it was likely someones war trophy or souvenir. I am so glad that I purchased the Tejon. Tesoro detectors are number one in just plain fun in my opinion. Thank you.

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