Your new Tesoro µMAX Diablo Metal Detector is part of a new series of detectors designed to provide you with many happy hours of gold nugget prospecting. Ahead of you lie fascinating and exciting experiences as you take pleasure in the great outdoors searching for the most beautiful of all precious metals. I wish we could share these experiences with you, and all of us at Tesoro wish you the best of success.

Your Tesoro µMAX Diablo is capable of meeting your needs in a wide range of gold prospecting situations. As with any other metal detector, familiarity with this instrument is probably the limiting factor in determining how successful you can be. I recommend that you read this manual and understand fully how to operate this detector before attempting to use it in the field. As you become more familiar with your detector through practice, your rate of success will increase dramatically.

The µMAX Diablo is a precision electronic instrument that will last for years if properly cared for. Treat it right and it won't let you down.


To be successful in gold prospecting with a detector you must: