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Take a look at just a few of the finds our loyal customers have discovered!

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Recent Customer Submissions

Here is a letter we received that was too cute not to share.

Dear Sir or Madam:
I have thought up an idea a few days ago, and was wondering if you would listen to it. My invention is called the D.F.D.S., Dinosaur Fossil Detecting Systems. It'll help paleontologist find fossils easier. It's a detector.

Here are the materials to make a model of it: A pipe, some connecters, spray paint, headphones, and a pie pan. First, I went to Home Depot and bought everything there except the pie pan. I had that at home. Next, I put the connecters in, I took an elbow piece and hot glued to the pan to connect the pan with the pipe. When the glue was done I spray painted it black. When it dried I glued in the headphones. The D.F.D.S. works like a regular metal detector except it's designed to find fossil and bone. For example: when the headphones are in and when the detector starts to pick up the bone, it'll make a beeping sound in the headphones. The detector will find fossils nearly two ft. under the ground. Then when the fossil is found, the user will use what is needed to get this dinosaur out of the ground.

This will be Tesoro's greatest moment. If you buy my idea and perhaps work on it, paleontologists all over the world will want to buy it. This will be a success.

Joey Cederland
4th Grade
Lighthouse Christian School


Here is a letter from one of our customers:

Tesoro Crew,
I got my Silver µMAX back from repairs on Monday, April 6 and felt like taking it fpr a spin, giving my trusty Tejon a break. About an hour into the hunt (on our 10 acres which were logged and homesteaded at the turn of the 19th century) I dug a beautiful set of porcelain doorknobs. (Found near the Walnut tree in the picture below) Your guys' customer service is unbeatable and I'll have my Tejon and my Silver Forever! Special thanks to Rusty fpr getting my little Silver µMAX back on her feet. Keep up the great work!

Here is a letter from one of our newest Tesoro Dealers:

First day I took my new Compadre out to an area I've hunted before I plucked these gems -
It's been forever since I found gold, but using the 'thumbing the discrimination' technique, the little 10k ring started breaking up the signal just slightly before the 5 cent range on the Compadre.
I got a 'gut' feeling to dig the signal and lo and behold, a little shiny gold ring.
I was skeptical about detectors without all the fluffy tones and digital target ID's. Now I'm sold on 'beep and dig'.
Thanks for making these great, lightweight, productive and fun detectors!

Thanks for sharing Jim and Tesoro Welcomes Electronic Adventures to our Team.

Scott Wolfe writes:

When I got my Vaquero I was very skeptical about using a detector without a screen. The Vaquero has worked out quite well for me! I happened to find the best ring of my three year metal detecting career with it recently. It is an 11 gram 14k ring with a black star sapphire stone.

I was fortunate enough to capture the find on one of my videos and another Tesoro fan suggested that I share the video with you, the 14k ring is the last find on this video. I have also captured myself finding another 14k ring, a lead toy soldier, a 1883 nickel, and a very good condition 1901 IH penny (along with various other finds) all while using the Vaquero.
Thanks Tesoro!

Thanks for sharing that with us Scott and good hunting!

If you have pictures of finds and/or a story, please share it with us HERE

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