Rings of Happiness

by Ken Dewerson

Treasure Find—Engagement Ring

Lisa picked a good day to play in the backyard with her dog. It had just snowed a good 10 inches in Kelowna. After 10 minutes of running around the yard, she noticed that her ½-carat diamond engagement ring was missing. Lisa and her husband spent 2 hours searching for it, to no avail. She called the Kelowna Metal Detectors Club contact number, and I responded within 10 minutes conducting a search of the area. It was a new home with a small yard, so it didn’t take too long before my Tesoro Silver Sabre µMax found the ring. It made Lisa a happy lady.

Treasure Find—Wedding Band

David was operating an excavator loading a dump truck on a construction site. He stepped off the excavator to move the truck and to shake his hands of mud and dirt. During this process, he heard a ping and noticed that his wedding band was missing. He searched but was unable to locate it. He moved the dump truck and excavator and called his workmate over to assist him. The workmate went home for a metal detector, and together they searched the site for a few hours but were still not able to find the ring. He returned in the evening with his wife, and they both did a visual search of the site without finding it.

At 8:30 the next morning, he phoned the Kelowna Metal Detectors Club contact number and asked for assistance. I arrived at the site at 9:15 a.m., and asked David to show me exactly where and what happened. The location he showed me had been traveled over with the dump truck and was a muddy mess. He had pretty well given up on finding the ring and expected it to finish up in the landfill on the housing site. He explained that he had been married only 5 weeks and that the ring was a band of yellow gold and a band of white gold that his wife insisted he wear to work.

We moved the dump truck, and I set up my Tesoro Silver Sabre µMax and started to work in a grid system. On the second pass, I got a strong signal in 6 inches of oozing mud. Reaching down I felt and recovered the metal rings. I walked over to the dump truck, and David asked me what the problem was. I told him that I had finished, and he responded, “No, don’t quit already!” I showed him the band, and he was ecstatic!

We placed the ring on the ground and attempted to locate it with his buddy’s detector, but it didn’t give a signal, although it gave a good signal on the truck.

The moral of the story:

  1. If you lose something, mark the exact location as best that you know it.
  2. Purchase a reputable brand name machine from a dedicated metal detector dealer.

Ken Dewerson is an authorized Tesoro dealer and operates K & B Enterprises located in Westbank, BC Canada. If you have any questions about Tesoro metal detectors, you may reach him at (250) 707-0618 or email him at kdewerson@shaw.ca

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