Do You Have A Story?

Articles may be mailed or sent electronically.
( If sent by email, please include your mailing address. )

Story Ideas to Consider
  1. Lost & Found! Did you find a long lost treasure, like a class ring, and return it to the owner?
  2. Using the new 5.75 widescan or 12x10 widescan coil on your Tejón.
  3. Gold nugget hunting with your Lobo SuperTRAQ.
  4. Treasure hunting with your children or grandchildren. If your son or daughter is interested in writing a story, feel free to send it in for review. Please include parental contact information if this type of story is submitted.
  5. Competition hunting with your Clean Sweep coil.
  6. Diving with your Sand Shark or Tiger Shark.
  7. Searching for meteorites with your Tesoro metal detector.

Tips for Sending Digital Photos (of course 35mm pictures are always welcome)

They should be taken with at least a 1.1 mega-pixel camera at the "best" resolution, i.e. the picture should be at least 1152x900 pixels or thereabout. A 2 mega-pixel camera or better is really preferred, producing 1200x1200 pixels or higher. If scanning a color photo, it should be scanned at a resolution of not less than 600 DPI "Optical Resolution." 1200 DPI would be better. 2400 DPI would be the best. These methods will produce large files, and they probably are not suitable for attaching to an email unless you have a DSL or Cable Modem. In these cases, a CD would be ideal.

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