Eldorado—Family Machine!

by Peter Simpson

I have been detecting now for just over three years, and when I decided to buy my first detector, my son Alex (then age 14) and my daughter Lavinia (then age 9) both expressed an interest and desire to take part in the hobby. Consequently, we got three detectors (not Tesoros), which served us well. Five months later, I bought my first Tesoro—a second hand Silver Sabre II. It was a great machine, and I used it constantly until I traded my first machine on a Tesoro Eldorado.

When I bought our first machines, it was obvious that the detector, which my daughter used, was too long for her; however, I thought it would not be long before she grew into it. She mainly hunted around playground equipment and beaches and for one so young, she detected with a good degree of success. However, it was apparent that she could not detect for lengthy periods of time and sometimes had enough after 10 to 15 minutes, particularly on beaches where finds can be few and far between.

As time went on, Lavinia’s enthusiasm for detecting seemed to be waning. Occasionally, I could coax her into joining her brother and me in our pursuits, and it was on one such occasion, about 4 months ago, that I noticed how uncomfortable she looked holding her detector. Unlike her brother, who was about 6ft tall, she had not grown much, and it was apparent that her detector was still too long for her.

What to do? After giving some serious consideration to the problem, I adjusted my Eldorado and got her to try it. It fit perfectly, and the weight was the same as her other detector. I was not about to hand over my Eldorado, and all the knobs and switches were too daunting for her, so after some discussion, I was soon on the phone to David Bishop, Tesoro’s importer in Australia, and in a short while we received a Silver µMax in the mail. It was perfect! It had two knobs, one for sensitivity and one for discrimination, exactly the same as her first detector, and it weighed the same. She loved it. It felt so comfortable for her to hold and swing.

As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and we were heading for the coast on our annual holiday, and although it was winter, we were going to detect the beaches. The difference was amazing. The machine was so much more comfortable that Lavinia was able to hunt happily for much longer, and consequently, she found more coins and so was even happier.

Now to the point of my story. Having the Silver µMax was great, but we now had machines that used the same operating frequency. I could use my Tejón, but I preferred to use the Eldorado at the beach as it was lighter, successful, and I could use my 12” x 10” coil without the machine becoming too heavy. For safety and security, I needed to detect near my daughter, and the Silver µMax + Eldorado + DeLeón crosstalked at 10 to15 yards, and at that distance, wandering could be a problem. But hey!! The Eldorado has a frequency shifter. A flick of the switch made it possible for my daughter and me to detect literally side by side if we wanted to do so. Absolutely no interference by one detector on the other. It is the perfect setup, and I would recommend the Eldorado to anyone who detects with family or friends who also have Tesoros.

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