TESORO Detector Information

Can You Choose the Right Detector? - Jack Gifford tells everything you need to know about choosing your metal detector.
Gold Nuggets - The Rarest of the Rare - TESORO Employee Rusty Henry talks about his experience gold nugget hunting for ten years in Australia.
Underwater Detectors - Rusty Henry talks about TESORO's Pulse Induction on the Sand Shark versus the Very Low Frequency of the Tiger Shark.
Rings of Happiness - TESORO Dealer Ken Dewerson tells his stories of helping find lost rings.
Eldorado - Family Machine! - Peter Simpson talks about finding the perfect TESORO detector to fit the smallest member of his family.
Treasure in Maps - Tim Lyautey explains that treasure hunting with a good map is not as outdated as it may seem.

Do You Have a Story? - How to submit your treasure hunting and detectorist stories to TESORO.

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