TESORO Information

Tesoro Authorized Dealers - If you're looking for a local dealer and dealer information.
Catalog/MDI - Download location of the Tesoro catalog and Metal Detector Information magazine.
Manuals - Instruction manuals for all of our detectors, current and older models.
Field Tests - Tests of current and recent models of TESORO detectors, used in the field, with reviews of the handling of performance.
Frequently Asked Questions - Tech Tips, a Glossary, and helpful information on treasure hunting and target recovery.
Customer Finds - Treasures dug up by TESORO customers!
Club Hunts - Metal detector club events.
Articles - Helpful articles written by staff and knowledgeable consumers alike to help you determine the right detector for you, or steer you toward many successful treasure hunting adventures.
Testimonials - Letters from TESORO customers.
How to become a Dealer - Instructions on how to become an authorized Tesoro dealer.
About TESORO - The origins of Tesoro Electronics, began and remaining within the Gifford family.
Forums - Links to the official TESORO forums, or TESORO forums hosted by our dealers.
Part Diagrams - See more detailed information about the specific parts of a detector. Choose between a basic and a more detailed diagram in our FAQ section.

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