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The SD-1 unit detects metal objects (staples, paper clips, straight pins, etc.) in batches of checks passed through the unit by hand.


The SD-1 is 3” wide and ~ 9” front to back. Although the unit is almost 9” tall, it sits 5” above a desktop when bolted into a 3” by 7” hole. The center hole is 5” diameter with a flat section that matches the desktop. The unit should be attached to the desktop with four (4) 10-32 screws. These screws should not extend more than one inch inside the unit.

The SD-1 uses a standard wall plug that converts AC to DC. The unit itself is low voltage DC (9V), drawing about 22 mA of current during normal use and 35 mA when indicating a target. This puts power consumption at less than a third of a watt.

The front panel includes the on/off switch, a power indicator, a sensitivity knob, a target indicator light and a target audio signal. When the unit is turned on, the green light will turn on and stay on until the unit is switched off. The unit will give a short beep and the red light will stay lit until the unit is ready for use. Once the unit is properly calibrated, the unit will beep and light the red indicator when it detects a metal object passing through the center.

Checks should be passed through the unit at a 45 degree from horizontal (hold them so you could read the first check). The optimal angle for the detector corresponds to an ergonomical angle for the user. Users should not wear any metal jewelry, as the unit will see any metal as a target.

The unit has four small switches at the base of the unit change the operating frequency. This allows multiple SD-1’s to be run in close proximity without interference. Units ordered together will have their frequencies set so they can run together. If units are picking up interference (from other units or other electronics in the area), the frequency can be changed onsite. The switches change the frequency binomial factors (powers of 2), so there are 16 different possible frequencies.

The small white knob at the base of the unit sets the phase response. Each unit is factory preset for the best detection of staples while still ignoring checks. The phase response is frequency dependent, so a change in frequency may necessitate changing the white knob. Set the knob so the unit has the least signal to a piece of ferrite.

The use of SD-1 in banking applications is the exclusive right of EKG of South Carolina. EKG sells document processing stations and the training and procedures for their use. EKG can be reached at, (803) 776-6242, fax (803) 695-2924, or mail 111 Eagle Road, Hopkins, SC 29061.

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